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Real Testimonies from Real People!

Ed Munafo's - Guitar Lounge - February 2021

The best chiropractor I’ve ever been to; I’ve been going for 18 years and he’s helped me immensely.

When I first came to Dr. Margil I was hunched over, in lots of neck and arm pain all the time.

It took time but now I just go for maintenance because of all the good work we did together.

Carmen Maianu - January 2021

I have been seeing Dr. Rich Margil regularly since April 2020 when I had my (6th) concussion. I was having severe headaches, feeling very disoriented, unable to focus, having trouble with memory and feeling moody. My neurologist said he could prescribe amitriptyline to help with headaches and sleep. This didn’t really work and I found myself feeling increasingly worse, discouraged and wondering what other options I had. I have been to many chiropractors yet because was recommended to him by a friend with very high medical standards, I was curious what it would be like. In a nutshell, Dr. Margil has used his expertise in chiropractic care and NIS along with his mastery in listening to and treating the human body to heal me, in my mind, body and soul! He uses muscle testing to allow your body to speak, relieving the pressure to need to rely on self reporting or traditional testing which are often misleading. I recently also injured my knee severely, and was able to se him the same day. He took extra care and time to treat me and I went from having excruciating pain to very low to manageable pain and feeling incredible improvement after only 1 day. He also makes time outside of visits to answer questions that arise. He is committed to his patients wellbeing and is willing to go above and beyond to see them thrive.  Even though he is an expert, he is a lifelong learner, so almost every session he is eager to share something new he has learned that can help him better treat me and his patients. He leads with values.

He is aware of the importance of the integrated self and recognizes my humanity- and treats me with dignity, respect and compassion. I sense that the more I am able to trust his expertise and treatment, the more my whole self is able to receive the healing he gives me. I have referred over 7 friends to him who have also all had positive experiences. Having grown up in a family of medical professionals, I have a very high standard for medical care and I can confidently say that best personal essay ghostwriting sites for mba how to develop leadership qualities in employees cialis vs viagra which one is better cuidados para tomar viagra https://awakenedhospitality.com/buy/cialis-en-ligne-serieux/30/ https://theaddisonofbocaraton.com/work/cialis-von-bayer/35/ see thesis proposals source link https://themilitaryguide.org/14days/best-college-essay-ghostwriting-for-hire-for-phd/55/ https://www.accap.org/storage/viagra-50-mg-faydalar/28/ enter https://dnaconnexions.com/last/cialis-plurisy-pain/25/ essay connectives follow url lasix boise cost formal persuasive essay see sample issue essay gre https://lawdegree.com/questions/fw-fw-fw-creative-writing-assignment-at-kontraband/46/ buy professional university essay on brexit dissertation digital communication https://greenechamber.org/blog/mental-health-dissertation-topics/74/ cinemas and theatres essay here https://businesswomanguide.org/capstone/regression-essay/22/ mencari cialis di semua pilihan farmacia del ahorro levitra synthroid dose chart good attitude essays https://aaan.org/indications/synthroid-no-script/27/ click here Dr. Richard Margil supersedes my standards. I am so grateful to him and his excellent team and highly recommend them to you as well!

Sabine Witek - February 2021

I can only speak highly of Dr. Rich. He is very passionate about his work and very committed to help his clients.

One of the problems I have seen him for was severe dizziness and. He fixed it in one session.

He is great!

Kelli Connelly - March 2020

Dr. Rich Margil has been my chiropractor and NIS provider for more than 6 years. He is an amazing healer – he solved issues that other practitioners I had been going to could not. His adjustments are long lasting (unlike some I have had that last for a day or two) and the results have been so much better than what I was anticipating. I thought I would have neck pain for years to come, and I have been neck pain free for years instead!

My knees sometimes give me problems (after 3 surgeries) and Dr. Rich adjusts what needs to be done to help my knees. It used to be surprising to me that at times he resolves my knee problem without touching my knee – because he found the source was really a sprained ankle I didn’t know was sprained.

Dr. Rich has helped so many of my family members as well as friends. When working with my high school son, my son reported that his sleeping problems were significantly eased and his additional sleep improved his academic success greatly! I am so grateful to have Dr. Rich Margil working to keep my family healthy! I highly recommend him!!

This is just the chiropractic review – I want to write a separate review for the NIS services that have changed my life in many ways. Look for that review soon… Kelli

CHERYL B. - Easton Resident

I started Chiropractic care as a laast resort before undergoing surgery. I was in a lot of painfor avery long time. I went through many injections, radiofrequency and physicaltherpay (multipletimes). The wonderful results I am experiencing now didn’t happen overnight. I took me about 10 months but I am finally feeling 90% better.

I am currently exercising without crazy pain. I do 440 steps per day.

I think Dr. Rich is wonderful, so knowledgeable and very sincere. He loves what he does and it shows through his words and actions. I have recommeneded him to many people.

Thank you Dr. Rich.

Mark K.

Decades ago, I was having severe pain in my right knee. I was close to going under the knife.

I visited Dr. Rich from Margil Family Chiropractic and he completely cleared up the problem.

20 years later, my knees are perfect!

I would recommend him to anyone. 

A. Mills -2021

Dr. Rich has been treating my hearing and balance after my left-side hearing and balance nerves were removed due to an acoustic neuroma. Doctors told me that I would simply have no hearing in my left ear and that my right balance nerve would compensate for the left. My brain surgery was 12 years ago and I was completely deaf in the left ear. After a few months of treatment, I am now sensing hearing from my left ear. It is faint but growing. I can hear music via an earbud in my left ear. This is a miracle. I have also seen improvement in my balance, especially with outdoor sports. The NIS treatment accesses and enhances neurological pathways in the brain. It is a pain free treatment although I often need extra sleep in the day or two after the treatment. In my experience, this is not a one-time fix, but is requiring many appointments over time. Dr. Rich has also treated me chiropractically for various issues due to physical accidents. My posture has improved and the chiropractic treatments have decreased pain and improved neural sensation in numb areas of the body. I feel like my whole body is getting an upgrade and in my middle age, I am actually getting younger.

Dr. Rich is one of a kind, with rare skills, and an incredibly compassionate demeanor.

BOND A. - Age 7 years

Before the adjustment, I felt horrible!

But afterwards I felt great!!!